Buster Boy “Obedient + Safe”

For nearly a year now I have been helping a family with their first pony, Buster. Buster is an interesting pony. When I first met him, he had been out of work an was clearly used to getting his own way. He was challenging on the ground but a super safe pony to learn to ride on. The family were all very inexperienced and nervous after an incident they had while trekking. However, when I first met the family and pony, I saw no reason why they wouldn’t work out with time and work.

They haven’t had an easy road together. Buster can be very stubborn and opinionated and has really challenged them (and me) while out hacking. However, the youngest daughter has really thrived in the school and they did their first ever dressage test last weekend.

I was surprised at how well behaved Buster was at the show. I expected him to be  a bit silly, but I was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t put a foot wrong and Buster and Freya scored 59% in their Intro A test with some lovely comments from the judges.

I am really pleased with all of their progress and I am looking forward to seeing them continue to progress! 



  1. […] I have always said, and still do say, that I can’t teach when it comes to horse riding. I can get someone to do the basics and get them over their first jump, but I’ve never really done any more than this. A lot of my teaching experience came when I was really too young and more recently with Buster. Some of you may have read my posts about the pony Buster and his family (here.) […]


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