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Scottie's Diary ~ Super Scottie!

super scottie

Today was a very exciting day! I went out in the field and had a great time intimidating all the deer I see leaping around while out hacking. Milly’s mum seemed very confused by it all – I’m not sure she’s ever seen a deer, or she would understand exactly what I was doing!

A little while afterwards evil Jessie broke into our field! Jessie isn’t a very nice pony – in fact she is really very mean! But I was a true super hero and protected Milly from evil Dr Jessie. I defended Milly from all her evil attacks and we soon tired Jessie out. After all we’re the good guys, so of course we would win… that and we’re much faster and fitter!

Milly was a real princess and needed rescuing. She was very scared of Jessie and hid next to me long after Jessie had left us alone. But being the true Super Hero I am, I looked after her until Mum and Milly’s mum came to get us. They weren’t very impressed about Jessie being in our field and quickly got us in and checked us over. Mum was even less impressed when she realised I had lost a shoe… I’m not really sure when that happened… But who can blame me? I was a hero and saved the day!


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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