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Finally Clipped!

Scottie with a blanket clip

After having a very thorough groom, Scottie has finally been clipped and is looking very smart! He has been needing one for a long time now. Eva kindly clipped him the other night and did a very good job in the dark!


I am terrible at clipping and I am very lucky to have Eva who always does a fantastic job. However, this time she left me with a few bits to finish in the light in the morning. I was quite pleased with my handy work!



Scottie was a little tense last winter when we clipped. But this year he was very relaxed, even when we took half his face off. He can be a bit funny/sensitive around his ears, so I was very pleased with him.

Now we just need to get back to work after the holidays!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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