Scottie’s Diary ~ Under House Arrest

A fair bit has happened this past week; I finally got clipped, Milly has gone away for the holidays and now mum has put me under house arrest! It’s not fair!


There is no one in the field next to mine, so I thought I would just take myself in there and eat that loverly green grass. Mum really wasn’t happy with me, I don’t know why, I left the fence up… Maybe it was because both my back shoes came off while I was racing the rabbits up and down the field… But she couldn’t have minded too much as she still rode me later.


Today when she put me out, she fiddled with the fencing making it harder to get through. I don’t see why, no one is using that field and all that happened was I got very tangled up in the electric and lost another shoe… She really wasn’t impressed when she came up early to get me. (It was entertaining watching her fix all the fencing though!)


So now I’m on house arrest until I get new shoes and she finds a way to keep me in my field. There was talk of getting to play with Troy until Milly is back. There was also talk about me not being allowed out if I keep breaking fences… But mum won’t do that to me… Would she?

Until then, I am stuck in my stable in my onsie as punishment… Everyone laughs and gives me treats for looking silly… So its working out quite well for me.



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