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No One told him he's a Thoroughbred!

Scottie muddy from the field

For everyone who knows Scottie, there is an on going joke about is lack of “typical” thoroughbredness. We always have a good laugh about it and my farrier summed him up perfectly the other day by saying, “No one told him he’s a thoroughbred.”

So to start 2016 off, I thought I would share with you a list of thoroughbred traits Scottie is missing. (Not that I am complaining!)

  1. Thoroughbreds need lots of rugs to stop them dropping weight over winter.
    Nope. Scottie was rug free until he was finally clipped just before Christmas. He was incredibly fluffy, warm and fat.
  2. Thoroughbreds need lots of high calorie feeds to stop them becoming a hat-rack. But these feeds will also send them loopy… and they will kill you… or themselves.
    Wrong again. Scottie decided a month living out without feed, hay or rugs was the perfect time to pile on the weight and go up 6 inches in a girth size… As for the second part, even when Scottie has a feed, he never has a huge amount and nothing so far has made him anything more than a plod.
  3. Lost a shoe in the field? Prepare to get the ambulance out! There is no way he can hobble back from the field! He has practically lost a limb!
    5 minutes later down a concrete track. Clip, clop, clip, scrape. Clip, clop, clip, scrape. Have you lost a shoe? Where is your shoe? ~ or more recently, losing 3 shoes and still walking in completely sound.
  4. TINY PAPER CUT ON HIS LEG! Get ready for the swelling and trotting up 8/10 lame!
    How have you managed to cut your fetlock open? I mean, a good chunk of it is now missing… We’re on a riding holiday for goodness sake! Hmmm… no heat, no swelling, perfectly sound… good canter through Thetford Forest. Still no heat, swelling or lameness… maybe its just really really good film set make up…
  5. He’s been on box rest for 3 weeks, he needs lots of peace and quiet for his two 10 minute walks a day. Or he will explode and who knows who will get hurt!
    OOooo look! That horse is showing its owner how it can go down to the field on on two legs… is that new grass? I haven’t had grass in so long… let me know if anything interesting happens!
  6. He hasn’t been ridden yet today, so he needs a good 20 minutes lunge to get it all out of his system.
    Hmmm when was Scottie last exercised? A week ago? Saddle on, get on, walk on. Lazier than ever. Maybe it was more than a week! Can someone pass me a whip please?
  7. We have hit grass while riding in a group! We will now probably take off in canter and get gradually faster until I fall off or find a non existent break.
    “Canter Scottie!”
    “We don’t need to. Look I can even over take this one in trot!”
  8. We can canter in a group, but he will overtake you and get a lot faster if you over take!
    Hmmm these horses canter Really Slowly… I can’t canter that slow… maybe I’ll just bounce instead… how about some flying changes… I can’t do it, I can’t go this slow. Maybe I should just over take and go at a proper speed… No I’ll just trot and if I get left behind I can canter to catch up.

cob yes
“I am a racing cob!”

Do any of you’re thoroughbreds not know their thoroughbreds?

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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