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December E Dressage

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It has taken me a little while to write this, or really any blog post this year. It’s been a very slow year so far! So sorry this post is a bit late.

In December we once again entered the Introductory in the ex racehorse class on E Dressage. For those of you who follow mine and Scottie’s progress, you will know that December was a bad month for us schooling wise. Not because we had any injuries, just Scottie deciding he didn’t feel like wearing shoes and having a lot going on. So when it came to filming our test, I was really just aiming for a nice, quiet and accurate test. However, when I was riding, Scottie felt really good. It wasn’t the best test, his head was fairly uneven and he was a little lazy, but I thought it was a nice test.

I was a little disheartened when I got the results, we got 64.13%, our lowest score ever for Intro B. I know its only 1% less than our normal score, but it still was a bit of a disappointment. I felt better when I saw that it seemed that the class as a hole scored lower than average, maybe the judge was just a bit stricter.

I also felt better once I got my feedback. We actually had some good scores in our test, a handful of sevens and our usual 8 for our halt.  It just seemed to be a case of where we usually score mostly 6.5s, we had scored more 6s.

The majority of our comments were needs to be more forwards, which should be a fairly easy thing to improve on for this month! The rest of the feedback was the same as usual, needs to be more supple.

“Capable Horse,”

Our Collective marks were:

Rhythm : 7 (14)
Suppleness : 6 (12)
Contact : 6 (12)
Rider’s Position : 7 (14)
Rider’s Effectiveness : 6 (12)

Watch our test below:

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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