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Buster Boy For Sale


Some of you may have read my other post about the pony Buster Boy at his first show. Buster is a pony I help with and is full of character and is now up for sale.

The family who own him are very inexperienced and in hindsight, he really wasn’t the pony for them. However, in the year they have had him, he has taught them so much. Over Christmas, the youngest daughter jumped for the first ever time and when I saw her a week later she jumped 70cm on him. In the school, he has given the whole family so much confidence and allowed them all to improve their riding.

Beginning of December we took him to their first ever show, where the youngest girl did a dressage test on him. He was good as gold the whole time he was there and I am hoping we will be able to take him to a clear round before he is sold as I think it will be a great experience for the daughter before she gets a new pony.

So why are they selling him? Sadly Buster isn’t the easiest pony on the ground and this combined with the daughter already hoping to do things potentially above Busters ability, they have decided to find something more suitable.

Buster would be perfect as a hacking companion for an experienced family or as a great confidence pony in the saddle. In my opinion he is a fantastic pony to learn to ride on as he is a kick along plod for beginners but begins to test more experienced riders as they ask for more. He can and does work in an outline when asked and really stretches down in free walk.

He would also be a fantastic pony to learn to or regain confidence jumping. I have jumped him up to around 60cm under saddle and 90cm loose. I think with a smaller rider, he could happily compete around 70cm, possibly even up to 80cm. But I think he would struggle jumping a whole course of much higher, especially without a lot of work being put in.

This is his advert:

Buster 14 year old Irish cob
Up to date with vaccinations
Good to clip, good with farrier, good to load
Buster is 100% in traffic not fazed by anything.
He’ll pop over jumps up to about 70cm and gives the rider total confidence in doing so.
He hacks out great in company
Buster is not a novice pony he needs a firm hand. He won’t hack out alone. He loves going for days out and behaved fantastically at a local show recently.
Buster would make a great family hacking pony in a family with experience whereby he’ll go out hacking with others. He’s well behaved in the school
£1500 inc tack

There are videos of him jumping for the daughters first ever jumps and various other videos of him being ridden by the family. If you want to see any of these or would like any more information please contact me using the contact page.

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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