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January E Dressage

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January was an interesting month for E Dressage results! Many people doing Intro, ex racer and possibly prelim classes were disappointed with their scores after a higher level judge was judging this month. My score was our worst by a long shot. However, this wasn’t because of the judge!

When filming our test, Scottie was going beautifully. Our first few movements were fantastic. And then he spooked and ruined it. So we started again, but his head just wasn’t in the game any more. Throughout the test, we got 4 bad marks, the rest were all pretty normal, if not a tiny bit low for us.

We got a 4 for our two half 10m circles across the school because Scottie put in a stride of canter. I then messed up and forgot to walk for a horses length, so we only got 2 for this, but also lost 2 marks for going wrong! For our last circle we got 5.5, I can’t see anything obvious as to why we got this mark, but it wasn’t a great circle. Finally, we were very wonky down the centre line transitioning to walk, so we only got a 5 here.

We finished with 57.61% percent, which really isn’t great, but we weren’t last. If I had remembered the test, it would have been about 60%, which would have left us about 4th. I think I was one of the only people who wasn’t disappointed with my score, purely because of how badly our test had gone! Although the judge marked ‘harsher’, they gave a lot more comments and feedback on my sheet than other judges.

Our collectives were:
Rhythm: 6.5 (13)
Suppleness: 6.5 (13)
Contact: 6 (12)
Rider’s Position: 6.5 (13)
Rider Effectiveness: 6 (12)

Exciting News! This year I am also part of a team for Dressage, Miss Matchy! And after the first month, we are currently in second place! So here is a list of the team combinations and their scores this month:

Ruby Butchers and Highland Rain, Ex racehorse, Intro A, 57.61%

Nicola Dymond and Jikito, Standard, Intro B, 62.61%

Eva Hola-Smith and Corderry Milly, Standard, Intro B, 61.09%

Nicole Ferguson and Shahin Shah, Standard, Intro B, 60.43%

Renata Bern and Triskel Connie, Standard, Novice 24, 64.42%

Amber Whybrow-Parker and Captain Hook, No Test.

Top Ten scores = 306.16%

Last Updated on 23/12/2021

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