Rug Weights

Gone are the days when rug weight was simply a question of light, medium and heavy. When buying a rug, it is rare to find them labelled under these categories. More often than not, they are only labelled for their weight in grams. To make things more helpful, everyone seems to have a different opinion on what weights fall into these categories. So if you’re stuck, here is my guide to light, medium and heavy weight rugs.

~ fly rugs
~ exercise sheets
~ Coolers
~ Stable rugs
~ Turnout rugs

In my opinion, lightweight rugs range from the lightest, no fill rug, up to about 100g. They are suitable for the majority of horses all year round, especially in a particularly mild winter!

~Stable rugs
~ Turnout rugs

Range from around 100-300g. Perfect for a cold spell when the more sensitive or clipped types need that little bit more. Or for those living out over winter.

~ Stable rugs
~ Turnout rugs

Anything more than 300g. Often worn in the colder months by types who struggle to keep weight on.


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