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Showing in the Future

scottie ridden showing

We have done very little jumping recently and on the few occasions we have popped over a jump, it is very apparent how much confidence Scottie has lost jumping. I have therefore decided that the best thing to do would be to go back to complete basics when I have a bit more time and slowly build it all up again. I hope to be jumping clear rounds and small classes over the summer as I don’t think we need a lot of work. I’m thinking a couple of sessions of poles into small jumps should be enough to get us back on track and slowly build it up from there.

In the meantime, Scottie’s ridden work is coming on very nicely. Where he has put on weight and muscle, his conformation has also improved massively. All these things have made me think that showing would be a good route to go down with him. We did a couple of in hand classes last summer and placed in both of them and it was something I really enjoyed doing with him.

This summer, I am hoping to find and enter a few Show Hunter, Novice horse and ex racehorse classes, all at local level. The showing world is all fairly new to me, so finding classes Scottie is suitable for is confusing and I’m still not 100% sure what he would be best suited to. But I thought for our first season, it would be good to enter as many as possible and see how we do and see what feedback we get.

Scottie is generally very relaxed at shows and is such a relaxed ride, that Eva thinks classes where the judge rides would be a good option for him. However, the judge usually doesn’t ride at the local level shows I am aiming for this Summer. The ex-racehorse classes are definitely something I want to get involved in. In 2017, I am hoping to attempt the ROR Jockey Club Novice show series. It would be fantastic to qualify for the final at the National Championship show at Aintree. This is definitely an aim for us in the future!

The Jockey Club Novice series is aimed at beginners which haven’t won an open level class. The judge doesn’t ride and you have to show the following movements; walk, trot, canter showing change of leg, extended canter, halt and stand, walk on long rein. So there is a lot of work we would need to put in, but there is nothing particularly tricky about what they expect you to perform. Blemishes are not ignored. Luckily Scottie is fairly cleaned limbs, especially in winter when his legs are fluffy! However, in the summer, he has a lot of bald lines on the inside of his front legs, which would need covering for higher classes. The next level up is the RoR/Tattersalls Show Series and Elite Performance Award. The championship is held at Hickstead and the Judge does ride in these classes.

I don’t know as much about the show hunter and novice horse classes. They are something I need to do some more research into. But if you have any tips or can think of any classes Scottie would be suited to, please comment!


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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