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Pessoa and Poles

pole exercise

The back lady suggested lunging Scottie over poles in his pessoa as a good exercise for his shoulders. So today, that is exactly what we did!  Unfortunately I don’t have a video of this session, mainly because I wasn’t very organised!

It was a really good session. I started by leading him over the poles without the pessoa attached. We then walked and trotted over the poles on both reins before attaching the pessoa. I thought Scottie would be quite tentative or rush, but he was good as gold and seemed quite happy doing poles today.

After a few runs on each reins, I started raising the outside end of the poles. I started with the last pole on each rein and after a few times round would raise another pole. Scottie wasn’t the tidiest over the poles. However, it was nice to see him really using his hocks and hind end to pick his back legs up. He is also looking much freer in his shoulders.

I’m hoping to ride over some more poles tomorrow and possibly try a small cross pole, but we will see how it goes.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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