Getting Embroided

For a little while now I have been thinking about getting some bits and pieces embroided with my name and Scottie’s name for shows ect. However,  more recently I have started to think that it might also be a good idea to get embroided.

Things I have been thinking about getting done are:
~ Numnahs for shows and E Dressage fliming
~ Body Warmer
~ Coat
~ Show Rug

I am also thinking about getting a proper logo for EquiPepper designed too.

What are your opinions on embroided kit? What would you put on your kit?



  1. Great idea! I love the professional flare of embroidered accessories. I think I would go for the embroidered cooler/anti-sweat sheet (in maroon with accents of gold or black) and a few pads for clinics and shows.Getting your blog brand out there isn’t a bad idea either.


  2. I have a couple of saddlecloths embroidered with my initials (will have to change them next year when I get married), and 1 saddlecloth embroidered with Brevan’s full name for competing (GP for jumping). I’ve always wanted a show rug embroidered with his name, but never got round to it. I have got an embroidered jacket which was a gift a few years ago and I’ve got a nameplate on his headcollar and outside his stable. Our colours are burgundy and gold, I just wish that you could compete in colours for dressage.

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