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I'm a Supervisor, not an Instructor ~ Or at least I was…

heidi on joey

I have always said, and still do say, that I can’t teach when it comes to horse riding. I can get someone to do the basics and get them over their first jump, but I’ve never really done any more than this. A lot of my teaching experience came when I was really too young and more recently with Buster. Some of you may have read my posts about the pony Buster and his family (here.)

When I first started helping them with Buster over a year ago, it was very much about ‘supervising’ them on the ground and helping exercise the pony. However, as they became more confident I found myself in more of a teaching role in the school and I really saw them improve. I saw Freya take Buster to her first ever dressage show and jump her first ever jump.

Freya improved so much over her year with Buster, that the decision was made to get her a pony she could do more with. This new pony is much much easier than Buster, but they have still asked me to help out with him. Since his arrival I have found myself in a new position. I am now more of an instructor in the school and confidence on a hack, and more importantly, I am enjoying the role of instructor! I wouldn’t say I’m amazing at it and never put myself forward as one, but it’s nice seeing them all improve!

I think they will all be able to do a lot more with Joey and I’m sure Freya in particular will be going out competing soon! He is a very chilled out boy who is a bit too lazy in the school, but good as gold to hack and perks up a bit over jumps. I’m sure there will be more updates about Joey and family soon!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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