Mark Todd Country Boot Review

old mark todd country boots
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I have always loved Mark Todd as a brand. So when I was looking for a pair of yard boots over a year and a half ago, I started looking at Mark Todd products.

I found myself buying a pair of Mark Todd country boots and they have been fantastic! I have worn them every day, practically living in them! I wear them to drive, ride, at the yard, when working outside and to festivals! They have lasted really well but have finally died and desperately needed replacing.


So I decided to order a pair of the new Mark Todd country boots (Mark II.) They were a little more than what I paid for my original pair and retail at around £140. But many online shops sell them new for cheaper.

They arrived today and I think they are much comfier than my other pair ever were. So I am sure they are going  to be another great investment! I can highly recommend!


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