Scottie's Diary ~ Happy Easter; Eggs for everyone!

Happy Easter to you all! I hope you were as spoilt as I have been this weekend! I have been really lucky. Mum gave me the weekend off and when she brought me in today I got my very own Easter egg. If your mum didn’t get you an Easter egg, you are well within your right to be naughty tomorrow! (Because I bet she got Easter eggs ~ my mum got Loads!!)

If your mum claims ignorance, make sure she sees this post so that she has no excuses next year!

The egg my mum got was very yummy and shouldn’t make you sensitive ones sick or silly! The ingredients are; sugar, vegetable oil, milk powder, soya, carob, whey powder, peppermint and sunflower lecithin. AND it can be found online if your local tack store doesn’t stock it.

(It even looks like people chocolate!)

My birthday is next month, so I have all four hooves crossed for something good. I’m holding out for carrot cake! But I’ve heard rumours of a show on my birthday… so we’ll have to see how that goes. Who’s mum also includes them in these strange human holidays?

(I also get an advent calender for Christmas… but that’s another matter!)

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