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How is Social Media changing the Horse World

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If you are reading this post, you probably also have social media. Social media has massively changed our lives in the UK, in more ways than you may think. I am part of many horse related groups on Facebook, many of which are dedicated to ex racehorses. When I have a problem or question, these groups are often one of my first places to seek help. I use social media to browse the for sale pages for a good deal, I find more shows to go to, look at horses for sale or stallions for stud  and I get most of my horsey news from social media.

I also use social media to try and win freebies! And those of you who have read posts from last summer will know I did quite well! Business’ have realised the importance of social media in marketing. Every week, if not every day, I see a a prize give away on social media, which usually consists of following the business and sharing something with your friends. These give away’s will massively increase the business’ following, which in turn strengthens their marketing and hopefully improves their income. Premier Equine has a monthly competition on Facebook and thanks to horse chat hours on Twitter, there are regular prizes up for grabs there too!

There are also pages dedicated to winning bits and pieces for you and your horse. One of these is ClipClop Equines on Facebook. They always have prizes up for grabs. They also take these competitions that little bit further, with some competitions requiring you to enter a photo or video. This page also runs daily games and quizzes and although there may not be a prize for these games, they are always good for killing time!

I finish University in a few months and while I will be looking for a job, I will also be using that time to really push this blog, hopefully reaching a wider audience. I am also starting to actively seek sponsorship to hopefully allow us to compete that little bit more this year. To do this I believe I need to improve my social media following. I am therefore looking into giving away one or two EquiPepper.com saddle pads over the next few months or so, so keep your eye out for these goodies!

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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