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Sunday Birthday Show

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Some of you may have read posts about me getting ready for the show season and my plans to start doing showing classes with Scottie. Well our first show is on Sunday, which also happens to be Scottie’s Birthday!

I have been working really hard this week to improve our canter, or more precisely, improve how often we get the right canter lead! Yesterday we had a real break through whilst working on our individual show for our classes. We got it first or second attempt a few times, or we got it disunited but corrected himself after a few strides. This is a massive improvement and has given me hope for good things at the show this weekend!

We are doing two ridden classes, Riding Horse and Racehorse to Riding Horse. I don’t know how well we will do in Riding Horse as even if we manage to get our canter correctly, we still point our nose in canter. However, our walk and trot can be really nice and round, so if he goes as nicely as he can at home we could pick up marks here.

I think we could do quite well in the ex racehorse class, partly because I’m unsure as to how popular this class will be. However, Scottie is very chilled out for a racehorse and he can move really really nicely. So again, if his walk and trot is as nice as it can be, we should do well. I also plan on showing extended canter and coming back to a normal canter, which should be quite impressive in a local level ex racehorse class! So even if we don’t get the right canter lead, this could still be a good thing to show.

An issue we may have is riding round as a group to start with. I would be surprised if this is a big problem, but especially in canter, Scottie is likely to get more bouncy than forward. However, I do think if I make sure we have plenty of space and don’t let him get too close to the horse in front, I think we should be okay. In the group I might also struggle to get him round in walk and trot. However, these will be his first ridden classes, so it will be an experience for him.

I will let you know how we do and hopefully have photos for you too!

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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