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More than just horses!

a horse and his dog

Us horsey folk very rarely have a love for just horses. Many of us have other animals in our lives which and I think it’s time they got a mention on my blog. So welcome to the new ‘other animals’ category on EquiPepper.

So to start this new category, I thought I would give you an overview of my pet history!

Growing up, I always had pets around the house.When I was at primary school, I had rabbits. My mums dad used to breed show rabbits and I think this really rubbed off on my mum. My first rabbits were Mole and Ratty, named after the Wind in the Willows characters. After we lost these rabbits, we got some more. Me, my sister and my mum each had our own rabbit and my brother had a guinea pig. (This was before it was discovered that rabbits and guinea pigs don’t get on!) During this time we also had a couple of love birds and various goldfish over the years.

When I was about 8, I got my first dog. My dad had grown up with dogs, but my mum had never had one and she took a lot of convincing to get one. But now she wouldn’t be without one!

Bonnie was a blonde Labrador from a rescue centre. She must have been about 7 when we got her and came to us after her family broke up and couldn’t take her with them. She was a lovely first dog, very loving and easy going and a great family pet. She loved being part of everything and my brother and sister were really quite young when we got her, but she was the perfect young family dog. Sadly we lost her to cancer.

A couple of years after getting Bonnie, we found a lovely young dog what needed rescuing. This border collie had had a hard start to life and was very nervous. We instantly fell in love with her and after making sure her and Bonnie got on, she came home with us and became part of the family.


Tally took a long time to adjust and relax around the house. For years she was scared of my dad and even 10 years later, she can still be funny with him every now and then. But she has long been a great family pet and is truly my mums dog.


A few years ago we rescued another dog. A naughty Beagle called Tipsy. Tipsy was a very loving dog but she was hard work and could be very unpredictable. She was a loving member of the family and we sought advice from many professionals to help with her behaviour and took every precaution a responsible dog owner should take. However, unfortunately her behaviour did not improve and she became a liability and sadly had to be put to sleep. As sad as this was, something in her early life had obviously messed her up and we did everything we possibly could to give her a happy life.

We have now had chickens on and off for a few years, which my mum loves. I never thought an animal like a chicken would have much of a personality, but actually they are really funny. Plus the eggs are great! We currently have 5 chickens which all lay slightly different colour and/or shaped eggs.

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