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We need more TV coverage!

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This week I have been looking forward to the start of Badminton Horse Trials. Due to the next few weeks being very hectic and not really having the money, going to Badminton isn’t really an option. Therefore, I was hoping to watch as much of the competition as possible. However, from what I can find, only the cross country phase will be broadcast.

Yes, this is arguably the most exciting part of eventing. But it doesn’t represent the whole sport or allow fans to follow the sport! Equestrianism, especially eventing, has been under a lot of pressure recently to make the sport more accessible to viewers and TV. But making it unavailable for viewing does not do this. Even Horse and Country TV seems to only be showing the cross country phase.

I don’t expect all the action to be broadcast live on mainstream TV. However, with all the red button extra viewing and online streaming, it can still all be broadcast live. Although I like dressage, I am not likely to sit and watch every single test. However, it would still be nice to watch the top riders or the highlights of all the dressage. Which appears to be unavailable this year! I feel the same for the show jumping. The last 10 riders in the show jumping will determine the top placings for the competition, this at least should be broadcast live! Even if only as a red button extra or online.

I am really annoyed by the lack of coverage and if anyone knows where you can watch more of the action, please comment below! This needs to change, but I have a feeling the sport will be forced to change before the coverage will, which is quite frankly a joke.

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

3 thoughts on “We need more TV coverage!”

  1. This always makes me so cross, especially as if we didn’t live in the UK we could watch the whole thing on FEITV. We would have to pay for it but at least it would be an option. I have complained to the BBC but they never respond. However, I just found out today that all the dressage and almost all the showjumping (until the BBC start broadcasting it) will be livestreamed on the Badminton website. Have a look.


    I am very excited!

      1. That sounds like an excellent idea! I used to revise listening to Radio Badminton which was great. I am sadly working today but I get to watch in my breaks which is pretty amazing!

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