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Change is in the Air!

Scottie turned out for showing after plenty of grooming.

This week is my final week of my degree. I have an exam tomorrow and Wednesday and then I am done and moving home to start becoming a grown up! You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as regularly recently, this is because I have been finishing all my Uni work and making arrangements for moving home.

I have found a new yard for Scottie which I think will be really nice for us. It has great hacking, a good school, 24/7 turnout over the summer, nice big stable and large herd turnout. I think this yard combined with me hopefully finding a job and having more money to spend on lessons and clinics, should mean that we should see a huge improvement this year.

However, before we move, we have a lesson booked with eventer Victoria Bax, which I am really looking forward to. Victoria Bax and her husband buy many ex racehorses from the thoroughbred auctions to retrain and I used several of their interviews when researching for my dissertation. So it will be fantastic to have a lesson with her.

I will hopefully have some exciting news for you in the next few weeks, possibly including some new fury friends! I will keep you as updated as to how things are going with us and once I’m back home and settled I will hopefully be posting regularly again.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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