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Should jumpers be given Magnesium Calmers?

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Over recent years, magnesium calmers have become very popular with many people believing they are the only type of calmer which actually works. However, this post isn’t about whether or not these calmers work, but it is about a very interesting article I have just read about possible problems of feeding magnesium calmers.

Malcolm Green has written a post summarising a new idea that magnesium supplements could somehow be linked to deaths and falls eventing. Read the post here.

The post basically says that magnesium works as a calmer because it essentially impairs brain function. It is often used as an anaesthetic in horses and strong concentrations, like injectable magnesium is banned by the FEI in competition.

He then goes on to say that for top level jumps, whether it be eventing or show jumping, the horse has to be able to make decisions for themselves sometimes to avoid a tricky situation. Malcolm suggests that if a horse is storing magnesium from a supplement, it may be impairing their brain function and causing them to make more serious mistakes while competing.

He finishes the article by saying there is no evidence as yet saying too much magnesium could affect jump performance or that magnesium supplements could lead to this. Or even how much magnesium is too much. However, following on from several rider deaths while eventing recently, I think it is definitely worth researching.

What do you think about this idea?

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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