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New yard, New Start!

Scottie looking handsome

Yesterday Scottie moved to his new yard at home. I must say he was incredibly good! He thought about not going on the lorry, but quickly decided it was okay and travelled like a pro.

He went straight into his stable and later met his new neighbour. Everyone commented on how chilled out he was about the whole ordeal! This morning he went out in a big herd for the first time since I have had him and I think it went well! There was a lot of charging about to start with, but they eventually settled down and went back to grazing.

When I came to bring him in he was grazing by himself. But Scottie being Scottie, that might just be him being happy by himself. I’m sure he’ll start doing more with the others soon.

He also had his first ride in the new school. He didn’t put a foot wrong. He wasn’t even particularly looky, which I thought he would be. I will hopefully have a video soon if I can get my computer to play ball! I will put it below when it finally appears!

I am also very behind on my blog posts, with a few exciting things having happened recently. So I will try and catch up!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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