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Meet Ronnie and Reggie ~ The Pig Twins!

guinea pigs

Those of you who follow EquiPepper may have read the post about branching out a bit to include more animals. This is because us horse lovers often have other animals in our lives and I want you to meet the new animals in mine.

Ronnie (Ginger)  and Reggie (Black and White) are my new guinea pigs! I have been thinking about getting them for a little while now as a present to myself for finishing university! I picked them up Friday and they are still very timid, settling into their new home. But I hope to have some more photos and updates soon.



There will now be the odd post about these too and guinea pig related bits and pieces. I think they are quite good pets for a horse owner as they have similar bedding and diet requirements! But that is more for another post!

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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