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18 Reasons Thoroughbreds are better than Cobs!

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Some of you may have seen Horse & Hounds article this week about how Cobs are better than TB’s. It was just a fun poke at a breed from an obvious Cob lover. However, it seemed many of us ‘sensitive’ TB owners took this a bit too personality. So as a true TB lover, I thought I would write a post to poke a bit of fun at the Cobs! (Read the Horse & Hound article here.)

  1. The summer is here and all you want to do is chuck your horse out into the summer fields. However, cob owners are probably going to have to go through all the faff of strip grazing and starvation paddocks to stop their cobs getting fat. Where as the TB can go straight out as they will probably need the extra weight before winter!
  2. Also, summer related, sweet itch. I am yet to see a TB with terrible sweet itch. But I can’t even count the number of cobs I’ve seen rubbing out their thick mane and tails.
  3. Back to these thick mane and tails… what do you do with it? Do you have the hassle of hogging it and keeping on top of it? Or do you keep in long and natural, constantly getting tangled up in it when you are riding? Where as TBs have lovely, easy manes which always look fantastic and look even better plaited up!
  4. Feathers. When it’s dry, long feathers look beautiful. But as soon as the mud comes, your horses leg turns into a moving swamp. Do you clip them off and have fuzzy legs while they grow back? Or do you keep them and accept that they will spend the winter filthy. Not a problem on your non hairy TB!
  5. Mites! Due to the crazy amount of hair on cobs legs, they are more likely to get which mites. Which drive them and you crazy trying to treat. TBs rarely get mites.
  6. Cobs have no withers, which makes them really just as hard to fit saddles to! I mean, there is nothing worse than having your girth done up tight and still having your saddle slip to one side due to their being nothing keeping it in place!
  7. We can’t always ride our horses. But at least TBs exercise themselves. You turn them out and they do a couple of laps with their friends, keeping themselves fit and in shape for you. Chances are your cob walks from the gate to the best bit of grass then doesn’t move!
  8. In fact TBs have a very good work ethic. They like having a job and enjoy working with you. Where as a cob couldn’t care less and will put less effort into any work you are doing together.23rd August (12)
  9. Even if a TB hasn’t raced, it will likely have close relatives racing. You can’t say that world famous horses like Frankel are your cobs half brother/cousin/father/uncle etc. Thoroughbreds have a level of royalty in their blood!
  10. If your TB did race, you can find their previous sales records and find out how much they were worth at the time. You can then brag about how your horse was worth £10,000+ and how much money it has won, which is going to be more than your cob.
  11. Also, racehorses experience a LOT! Especially national hunt horses. They are unlikely to be phased by travelling, will have seen crowds, TV screens, banners, cameras. No matter how much hacking a horse does, a lot of this is still alien to the typical cob.
  12. TB’s have a reputation for being mental and impossible to compete on. So when your TB does well at a show, everyone thinks you are a fantastic rider. Where as anyone can jump on and do okay on a cob!
  13. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like just anyone having a go on my horse. I waited years to get my own horse. It’s mine. Because of TB’s bad reputation, lots of people don’t want to get on your horse, so you don’t need to seem mean or make up excuses!
  14. Warmbloods are the top sports horses. However, these breeds have so much TB in them, meaning TB’s can be very competitive against these breeds. Where as, realistically, your typical cob is no match!
  15. TB’s tend to learn things faster than a cob. Meaning that a new movement or exercise will be picked up and perfected sooner!
  16. Yes, many TB’s need a few more rugs than your standard cob. But who doesn’t enjoy rug shopping?? I think having an excuse to buy more rugs is definitely a bonus!
  17. We are all children at heart. And when going out for a canter/gallop while hacking, we all like to win! TB’s were bred to do this and can easily out pace a cob.
  18. TBs have fantastic personalities. They are goofy and stupid, but often very smart and loving. They really love their person and show much more affection around the yard and in their work than your typical cob!


(All photos are of the super TB Scottie!)

Last Updated on 23/12/2021

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