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Frankel proving to be a Success!

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Some of you may have seen my earlier post looking at Frankel as a stallion and pointing out that just because he was a successful racehorse, does not mean that he will produce successful racehorses. (Read it here.)

However, over the past month, 5 of Frankel’s offspring have run their first race and 4 of them won. This gives Frankel an initial win rate of 80% and it will be interesting to see how this changes as more of his offspring hit the racetrack. If this success rate stays at this level, he will be challenging great stallions such as Saddlers Wells and Galileo.

So lets find out a bit more at his first 5 runners!

Cunco was the first to race on 13th May 2016. He is a colt and was born on Henry Cecil’s birthday, which is a lovely thought. His first race was over 6 furlongs and he won by 3/4 of a length.

The second to race was the colt Majoris, who first hit the track 27th May. He raced over 6 furlongs and placed 6th out of 14.

The first of Frankel’s fillies came next. Queen Kindly ran 3rd of June over 5 furlongs. She had a great performance and won by 5 lengths!

Fair Eva was the first Frankel offspring by Juddmonte Farms (Frankel’s owner) came next, running on 8th June. This filly ran over 6 furlongs and won by 4 lengths.

Finally is yesterdays runner (9th June), Frankuus. This colt ran over 7 furlongs and won by 1 and 3/4 lengths.

These initial results suggest good things from Frankel as a stallion. If you are a gambling sort and see a Frankel foal running for the first time, based on how his other offspring have done so far, I would put some money on it! However, only time will tell how the rest of his offspring do and how influential Frankel will become as a stallion. But in the mean time, I will enjoy keeping an eye out for his offspring at the races!

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

2 thoughts on “Frankel proving to be a Success!”

    1. Ah lovely! One of them raced end of may! Will have to keep my eye out for the other! I love finding horses linked to Scottie somehow! Its the perks of having a racehorse don’t you think? So many famous relatives/owners

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