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Rosettes ~ what to do with them?

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If you are lucky enough to be able to get your horse out to shows and come home with some rosettes, you have likely struggled to decide what to do with them. Because really, we all want to show off our success, but what’s the best way to do it?

I was lucky that when I was at a riding school, they regularly held shows where everyone would get a rosette, even if it was just a special. This combined with sharing ponies and Scottie’s success at shows, has led to me hording quite the collection of rosettes over the years. And once you have a few, it is hard to keep track.

The first thing I do when I get a new rosette is write on the back of it so I can remember what it is from. On the back I usually include; the horse, a rough date and what discipline/class the rosette was won in. Here are a couple of Scottie’s rosette’s as an example.


I started doing this once I was a bit older. So many of my first rosettes are rough dates. But I think all the ponies are correct and most of them are from show jumping, so the discipline is right. But I think this is a great idea to start doing with your rosettes. Especially if, like me, you haven’t always had your own horse and have ridden lots of different ones at shows.

Over the years, I have displayed my rosettes in many different ways, but I have mainly had them hung up on string against the wall. Scottie’s rosettes are currently like this until I decide what to do with them! This method works well and looks nice, until you get too many. After a while I find they bunch together and start to look a bit messy.


In the past I have also had them stuck along the edges of a book shelf, which looked quite good. But wasn’t very practical. They were tricky to put them there and got in the way every time I took a book on or off the shelf and spent a lot of time falling off…

Last Summer I found a method which worked really well for me and it is how all my pre-Scottie rosettes are displayed! I have them all in a couple of deep picture frames hanging on the wall above my desk.


The frames were fairly cheap and it was easy to arrange them. However, I have found that if there aren’t enough rosettes in the frame it looks a bit odd and over the year, the rosettes have dropped slightly in the frames, leaving more space at the top. Ideally I would like Scottie to have his own frame for his rosettes once we have enough. but starting to think some of his will have to fill out the current frames first. So clear round and lower placing rosettes might be joining the current frames soon!


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

4 thoughts on “Rosettes ~ what to do with them?”

  1. Writing on the back is definitely a good idea. Not only do you remember the show but it gives other useful information. I used one of mine when filling in a medical form the other day to find the date I got concussion!

  2. I love this! I think all of mine are in a box somewhere to keep the dust off them, which is a shame! I used to hang them up but once you get too many it becomes a bit overwhelming trying to squeeze them all somewhere 🙁 Deffo will try something new out 🙂 fab idea! x

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