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My Horsey Shopping List!

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Tomorrow I start my new job in digital marketing and I already have a good list of things on my shopping list to buy with my first pay check! So I thought I would share with you, my latest wish list of horsey items to buy once I am earning!

  1. Neue Schule Loose Ring Verbindend
    This bit was recommended for Scottie by the experts at Neue Schule. They also recommended a turtle top loose ring, but out of the two, the verbindend was my favourite and what I will try first!
  2. A full matchy set!
    Scottie still doesn’t have a full matchy set. So He will be getting the full shebang! Saddle cloth, boots, over reach boots, fly veil. All of it. I am thinking of getting one in navy, or a dark green. But haven’t decided yet.
  3. EquiPepper branded gear!
    I am thinking about getting a number of items embroidered with EquiPepper.com. I am thinking a show numnah with EquiPepper + Highland Rain, a coat with EquiPepper. A body warmer with EquiPepper and possibly a new rug for Scottie.
  4. New Jodhpurs!
    I go through Jodhpurs like no tomorrow! Most of mine are falling apart with holes in. So can’t wait to replace them all!
  5. Brown riding boots.
    All my riding boots are black, which I prefer. But since all Scottie’s tack is brown, I think it would be nice to get some nice dark brown boots for shows.
  6. A navy show jacket.
    For the same reason as above. Navy jackets look better with brown tack, but I think it looks better than tweed for dressage.
  7. Get Scottie’s Leather head collar engraved!
  8. Get Scottie a smart brown leather head collar and get that engraved too!
  9. Replace a couple of Scottie’s worn rugs with new, better quality ones.
  10. Get my trailer license
    And then hopefully be able to afford to buy a trailer!

I’m sure there will be many more things added to this list soon! But right now I can’t wait to start spoiling myself and Scottie!

What’s on your current horsey wish list?

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

2 thoughts on “My Horsey Shopping List!”

  1. I’ve had a massive wish list for ages and have just managed to save enough money to buy several things like Jin Stirrups for me and a Eskadron matchy set for one of my horses! I really want to get leather head collar engraved too!

  2. Don’t get me started on wish llists!! My other half might kill me if I get any more matchy sets, as I have plenty (but I don’t have beige, aqua, ice etc).
    I think top of my list at the moment is to get my own transport, as I’m so fed up of the cost of hiring transport.

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