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July Plans

scottie has his tongue out

July should be a good month for us. I am settling into my job although, I have been struggling to ride during the week. But that is largely due to the horrible weather we have been having rather than not really wanting to ride after work!
July 2nd I should get my results from our June E-Dressage tests. We did an intro and a prelim this month. The arena was slightly under water in places, but I didn’t really have a chance to re film them, so it will just have to do. However, I think they are reasonably good tests so they might score well!
On July 3rd we are going to a showing show. I haven’t entered any classes yet, but I think we will be entering RoR in hand as well as the riding horse and racehorse to riding horse classes. I hope to do a bit better than last time, but Scottie hasn’t done much over recent weeks, so we will just have to see how it goes and I can’t blame him either way. (Unless he does something really stupid!) I think we have improved in the school since our last attempt at these classes and hopefully that shows on Sunday.
July 10th we have a dressage show! I have entered us for Intro C and Prelim 7. I’m not sure how I feel about Prelim 7, but we haven’t been out to do dressage in about a year. So it will be good to see how we do. I have also had a bit of a sneaking suspicion that E-Dressage is marked a bit ‘harsher’ than local shows. So if Scottie goes like he does at home, it will answer this question for me!
We are possibly going to a show on the 17th. It’s just about in hacking distance but I do not know the way and haven’t quite decided if we are going yet. There are no showing classes suitable for Scottie really, but they do have jumping throughout the day. So could be worth going to do some jumping.
I will then have my usual E-Dressage tests. I think I will probably be doing a prelim and an intro again. (Largely to try and get extra points for the racehorse league!!) As of July, the racehorse class is no longer an open class. I think this is a good thing as the majority of entries are for intro tests with a handful of prelims and the odd novice. Therefore, despite our prelims probably scoring quite low, we have a reasonable chance of getting a rosette! That is of course, if the classes don’t suddenly grow!
I also entered EquiPepper into the Induvidual Equine Blog of the year award with E-Dressage. Entries close on the 17th (ish) of July. I am unsure as to when they will start short listing blogs, but there may be news about this soon too.
So there should be a lot of updates on our progress in July! I will try and write some other content for you all soon. However, I’m not making any promises! In the meantime, don’t forget about our Facebook and Twitter competition to win an EquiPepper saddle pad! Details are on our social media accounts.

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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