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A Winning Weekend!

scottie ridden showing

We had a very successful weekend! On Saturday we got our feedback video and results from E-Dressage, where we came 4th for our Intro and got 60% for our Prelim! Thanks to these results, we are now currently 5th in the racehorse league, only a few points behind joint 3rd place! So If we knuckle down we could be in the top 3 by the end of this league! We are also now about 16th in the rider league. I’m looking forward to see if we can creep up much higher! More details to come on our E-Dressage once feedback has arrived!


Yesterday we went and did some showing. Our first class was Riding Horse and Scottie went beautifully! We were round and on the bit for all the walk and trot work and we cantered sensibly round as a group, almost coming down and round at points. He anticipated the canter a bit in our individual show, but it was about the time I was going to ask, so I pushed him forward and got on with it. We didn’t get our right canter straight away, which was a shame. But we corrected it in seconds and showed a nice steady canter and extended canter up the hill. We were a bit fidgety when the judge was watching us stand. But over all, it was a massive improvement on our last outing and we came 5th out of 6. I personally think we should have come 4th as a couple of the horses were really napping in places and another horse almost ran the judge over thinking it was going to do some jumping… But we got a rosette for a fantastic round and we weren’t last.


The classes were really over running, so it was a long wait until our next class, RoR, and by the time it came, I think Scottie had had enough. We were round in walk, but as soon as we went into trot we were being silly and just wanting to canter. We then really struggled to get our right canter lead. However, once we were in canter we were much better and showed a really nice extended canter on both reins. Needless to say, we did not win. But since there were only 2 in the class, we came second and qualified for the championship which was right after our class. He was marginally better in this, purely because there was more walking, less trotting and more canter. But he would not stand still in the line up at all. Which was really frustrating. But it was a good experience for him and he just needs to learn to get over himself as I have no idea what upset him going into the last class.


On the way out of the championship, the woman who won our first class, who was also there in April, said Scottie had improved massively since April and that he looked like a different horse. She then added that he reverted to April in the last class! Which was totally true! I thought that it might be due to the long day that upset him, but last time Scottie got better the more he did. So maybe he is just weird! Either way, he really proved he could do it in our first class and maybe if he hadn’t injured himself so much the past few weeks we might have placed better!


We have an intro and prelim test at a show on Sunday which will be interesting to see how we do there in comparision to our online dressage!


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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