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June E-Dressage

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As I previously mentioned, we did very well in our E-Dressage last month! We got a lovely feedback video where the judge said our trot work was “excellent!” and yesterday we got our feedback sheet back and I was very impressed with our scores!

For our Intro B, all but 4 of our scores were 7s! The 4 which weren’t were either a 6 or 6.5, so still a good score! We even got a 7 for our free walk, for the first time ever. The main comments were the usual needs to be more supple and more forwards into transitions. I was really happy with these scores and we are almost reaching the 70% mark!


Our collectives were also good:

Rhythm: 7 (14)
Suppleness: 6.5 (13)
Contact: 6.5 (13)
Rider’s Position: 6.5 (13)
Rider’s Effectiveness: 7 (14)

Interestingly, I got a better mark for my effectiveness than my position, which I think is the first time this has happened! Our overall mark for Intro B was 67% and put us in 4th place!

Much to like

Our second Prelim was also much better than last time! We did Prelim 12 and I was surprised by some of our scores. We scored between 6 and 7 for virtually all of the test, even getting 6s for both our canter transitions! However, we did get 5s for our circles in canter and both transitions back down to walk. But this is still a massive improvement to the 4-5 we were scoring for all canter work last time! We also got 6 7s throughout the test mainly for our trot work.

Our comments in the prelim were largely that we aren’t balanced enough in canter and that he starts to hollow in canter. But the judge said our paces are correct. So I’m happy as I know the canter is a working progress. Over all we scored 60% and came 13th in the racehorse open class. Which I am pleased with. We have improved by 6% from our last prelim!

Our collectives were:

Paces: 6.5 (13)

Impulsion: 6 (12)

Submission: 5 (10)

Rider: 6 (12)

I am looking forward to our dressage this weekend as well as our E Dressage later this month. Unfortunately we have had a little bit of a step back with our canter work this week. But we seem to be getting it back on track and we have started schooling in a new bit, which I plan on riding in at dressage this weekend. So hopefully it will all go okay and the silliness about canter should affect our Intro… but who knows!


Watch both of our E-Dressage tests here:



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