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Neue Schule Verbindend

scottie sleeping in his bridle

A month or so ago I filled out the Neue Schule questionnaire abouts bits so that an expert could suggest a new bit to try for Scottie. I didn’t have a problem with the bit I was in. I was just looking to see if there was a bit which might just improve what we are already doing. Scottie has been working nicely in the school, getting more consistent in his outline and contact. However, especially when he gets tired, he has a real tendency to lean on my right rein. So I was hoping for a bit which will encourage him to carry himself in a good outline and allow him to work through his back.


Neue Schule was my initial choice due to the wide range of bit designs on offer and the amount of research which goes into creating their bits. I had also heard lots of good things about them, especially with ex racehorses. After filling in a very detailed survey, they recommended a loose ring verbindend or a loose ring turtle top. A friend of mine had a verbindend available for me to try before I buy and so far, I am loving it!

Scottie has been in it for about a week now and has only done flat work but it seems to be working very well. He hasn’t been leaning on my hands when he gets tired and in fact, he has been stretching down into the contact more.

So far he has been schooled about 3-4 times in the bit and he wore it to our dressage show yesterday. And at the show yesterday he was really lowering, seeking the contact, rather than just pulling his head down or leaning on my hands and we did a beautiful free walk in our Prelim test, really stretching down to the buckle of the reins (which we never do!)

It might be where we have been working on his canter rather than the bit change, but I have noticed a real improvement in him accepting a light contact in canter with him even starting to think about dropping his head and neck in canter, which is a huge improvement.

Like I said, I haven’t hacked or jumped in this bit yet. However, I have never needed a different bit for these things, so I would be surprised if we have a problem with this bit. So far I am very pleased with this bit and I think it is a keeper! Once I have done a bit of jumping and hacking I will do a follow up post with my final verdict on this bit. But I think it will be promising!

Scottie seems chilled out in it too!


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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