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Evaluating our Yearly Goals

scottie ridden showing

At the beginning of the year, I created a page for mine and Scottie’s goals for 2016. However, when I looked at this page a few days ago, I realised that we had already achieved so much! Especially in our dressage!

My main goals for dressage were:
~ to have a more consistent contact
~ don’t lose outline when change bend and transitions
~ master our canter leads
~ enter our first prelim
~ score 50, 60 and 65% in prelim tests
~ score 70% or win an intro class.

I’m very pleased to say, that we have completed all but 2 of these goals already! And we are getting close to completing the last 2 (Hopefully!) Therefore I have had to add new goals to the page to help us focus and improve.

Looking at the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, I have also realised that we are not jumping enough. However, this is something which is hard to do without someone on the ground and we had problems with shoulders which led to a loss of confidence, (on both our parts.) So although I do not want to lower our expectations, I have changed our goals from being competitively driven (be jumping x high at home and competing at y height,) to being more about improving our confidence. Which includes jumping more regularly and making sure I ask more from Scottie. Such as more fillers, more combinations, more approaching from canter on first attempts etc. I think this is more important as the height isn’t an issue with us, it is what else is going on.

So looking back on the year so far, I am very pleased with our progress. But I do feel that we now need to start working more on our jumping and possibly get out to do some cross country schooling before the end of the year. Ideally, I would like to be looking and stopping at less so that this time next year we can think about entering our first one day events… I’m already getting my goals for 2017 sorted!


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