Read my Dissertation on Ex Racehorses.

So my dissertation has finally been marked and is now available for you to view. Unfortunately I didn’t get the significant results I was hoping for. However, I did find several strong relationships which I think are worth mentioning:

~ If a horse retires sound, it is likely to stay sound
~ Generally, the number of years a horse raced is more influential than the number of times a horse raced
~ Previous jumping experience may not mean they will be more suited to a jumping career
~ Horses which raced over shorter distances are more likely to be too highly strung for dressage

I really enjoyed doing this project for my dissertation at University and it’s a shame I couldn’t get more definite answers on the effects of a horse’s racing career. However, I am toying with the idea of doing similar research again, but hopefully with a better approach to get more definitive answers.

Thank you to everyone who filled out my survey for this research and there is a link to my final piece below. (I know it isn’t written as well as it could be! I think time got in the way!)

Read My Dissertation Here


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