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Scottie’s Diary ~ I am not a Giant Insect.

scottie in his fly mask

Because the weather is lovely now, there are lots of flies about. And for some reason, people seem to think that if they make us look like a giant fly, the flies will leave us alone. I don’t get it. Putting a mask on doesn’t mean we look like flies. It just makes us look like horses with insect heads…

wp-1469010784432.jpg Most of the boys have had these silly costumes on the past few weeks. They look ridiculous! So after a good giggle, I put them out of their misery by helping them remove the silly things. Mum is quite good. She very rarely puts my fly hat on and when she does, I quickly get it off to show her how silly she is being. Like this morning, I never see her this early, well not recently at least. She appeared with an apple, fly spray and my stupid fly hat. I was not impressed and got it off within the hour, leaving it for one of the boy’s mums to find.

I am not a fly! The flies don’t think I’m a fly! They just think I look stupid like everyone else!

If your Mum or Dad subjects you to looking like an insect horse you should send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter. Mainly so I can laugh at all you #InsectHorses.



Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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