Scottie’s Diary ~ I am not a Giant Insect.

Because the weather is lovely now, there are lots of flies about. And for some reason, people seem to think that if they make us look like a giant fly, the flies will leave us alone. I don’t get it. Putting a mask on doesn’t mean we look like flies. It just makes us look like horses with insect heads…

wp-1469010784432.jpgMost of the boys have had these silly costumes on the past few weeks. They look ridiculous! So after a good giggle, I put them out of their misery by helping them remove the silly things. Mum is quite good. She very rarely puts my fly hat on and when she does, I quickly get it off to show her how silly she is being. Like this morning, I never see her this early, well not recently at least. She appeared with an apple, fly spray and my stupid fly hat. I was not impressed and got it off within the hour, leaving it for one of the boy’s mums to find.

I am not a fly! The flies don’t think I’m a fly! They just think I look stupid like everyone else!

If your Mum or Dad subjects you to looking like an insect horse you should send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter. Mainly so I can laugh at all you #InsectHorses.




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