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July E Dressage

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Scottie is becoming VERY  consistent in his dressage placing for the 3rd month in a row for his Intro. Which is fantastic, especially as I was less than happy with our tests this month. We had a bit of a nightmare filming our tests this month. Scottie didn’t really feel like playing ball, and when he was being cooperative, we were having problems with the camera. So it was a bit of a nightmare. But we got two reasonable tests filmed so entered them anyway.

Scottie scored 66.9% in his Intro and placed 4th. He scored all 6s to 7.5s and his main comments were could be better to the bridle, which was so true for this test. He just wasn’t very relaxed and wasn’t really responding to me. However, despite this, we got a good score and collectives.

Our Collectives:
Rhythm: 7 (14)
Suppleness: 6.5 (13)
Contact: 6.5 (13)
Rider Position: 7 (14)
Rider Results: 7 (14)

“Attractive Horse”

Our Prelim was much more stressful than our intro. I don’t like to refilm tests as I think it’s kinda cheating. But after a terrible spook in our first test resulting in a quite impressive canter half pass across the school and the camera cutting out halfway through our test, we didn’t have a huge amount of choice to refilm. Unfortunately, by this point Scottie had really had enough and really wound himself up. So our canter really wasn’t the best and the camera still managed to cut out before the final halt and salute. But it was god enough to send in.

We scored mostly 6s and 6.5s throughout the test. And unfortunately we got very low scores for our canter work. But on the plus side we got a couple of 7s, including a 7 for our free walk right after our first canter. So this was a big improvement for us! So despite the camera issues and the mistake in the test, we still managed to score 58% which I think is a fair score. It was only our 4th Prelim and is still better than our first prelim.

Our Collectives were:
Paces: 7 (14)
Impulsion: 6 (12)
Submission: 5.5 (11)
Rider: 6.5 (13)

We are also doing well in the leagues. We are currently 15th in the Rider league which is really impressive as everyone who enters any test is automatically entered in the rider league! We are also currently about 6th in the Ex Racehorse league which ends after August tests. I am only a couple of percent behind the people above me. So a good test this month could land us in 3rd place which would be fantastic! However, I’m trying hard not to think about this too much as so much can happen!

These our our tests from this month:

Intro A:

Prelim 13:

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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