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Daily Daydreaming

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I don’t know if it is all the driving I am doing, but recently I have found myself daydreaming away most of the day! And it’s becoming a bit depressing, because what I am daydreaming about isn’t going to happen… unless I win the lottery… so fingers crossed I buy some lucky tickets!

My reoccurring daydream at the moment is what I think my ideal life is. Having a nice house, not particularly big or fancy, but with land and a great yard attached! The yard is fairly small too, maybe about 10 stables, but it has fantastic facilities such as; indoor school, large outdoor school say 30x60m or so floodlight of course, a brilliant set of show jumps set up in one of the schools or a field over the summer, a smaller outdoor school, a round pen for lunging, cross country training jumps including ditches, steps and a water complex and of course an all-weather gallops!

In my mind, this yard would be perfect for bringing on horses and just enjoying your horse all year round. I would have a few horses for myself, probably another ex racehorse or two to bring on and compete on. But also offer DIY livery with services to fill the rest of the stables.

Along with this day dream I would have a couple of lorries. Probably one with a big payload to comfortably take 2 horses and then another with a lower payload but with a comfortable living area. Oh and probably a trailer for good measure!

There would also be at least 1 dog, some chickens and possibly some other farm animals like goats… think I need to set up a Go Fund Me page so people can buy me my day dream if winning the lottery doesn’t work! (But I won’t need to, I will win the lottery very soon :P)

Anyone else needing a bit of a harsh reality check recently?

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

2 thoughts on “Daily Daydreaming”

  1. Lol, I have almost the exact same day dream: A tiny house,a barn, a few nice turnout pastures and arenas, and some chickens to support the country stable ambiance.

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