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Playing for Injury Time

Scottie in my rear view mirror

I was very organised this month and filmed my E-Dressage test a good 2 weeks early because I knew the rest of the month will be busy, and it has been! The tests weren’t quite was I was hoping for, but there will be a whole post about them sometime this week (or early next week!) I have a very few busy weeks with work and next week I have my University graduation before flying off to Italy for the weekend for a wedding and my only holiday of the year! Because of this, I had very few plans for Scottie for the next few weeks, just the odd ride and lunge here and there when we have time. Although it seems that Scottie had other ideas!

Scottie seems determined to have an extended holiday. A few weeks ago I think he got kicked and took a nice chunk out of his cannon bone. Nothing too serious thankfully, but it warranted a day or two off. Then we had the issue of his feet looking fantastic. Until the farrier went on holiday until next week. His feet have now grown about 2 inches and we have lost a back shoe. But luckily the farrier is out first thing Monday!

However, the most recent of Scottie’s actions was to give himself a nasty looking injury to the back of his knee. I am undecided how he has done it. But I’m thinking probably a kick. It’s not too deep, but looks quite painful and is quite swollen. I discovered it yesterday evening and gave it a good clean and it seems fine. It doesn’t seem deep enough to put the joint at risk and the area still looks pretty healthy, so I don’t think there is an infection (at least not yet.)

It looked better and worse when I checked it this morning. The wounds were very clean, so I just gave them a wipe and reapplied the good old sudocrem. The swelling seemed to have gone down and promisingly, the knee only looks swollen from the sides or back of the leg. The front of the knee looks pretty much normal. However, this morning I also noticed a tiny wound just above the front of the knee which might have been done at the same time. This area was also a little swollen and warm, although it looked a lot cleaner than the original wound. It was hard to tell how bad this one was due to how small it is. But if it is like his other injury, it shouldn’t be too deep. As really, this new tiny wound is now the one I’m worried about!

So I already know what my plan is after work! Bring this monster in and give his leg another good clean and cold hose. Due to how good it is looking this morning, I am not too worried about it. The nasty looking wounds I cleaned properly yesterday are looking good, it’s just a case of keeping them clean. I also don’t think he needs to come in as they aren’t very deep, so aren’t going to be reopening every time he moves, plus being in a stable all day will just make it swell up more. At least being out, he should hopefully be moving and helping to reduce the swelling. But if the tiny wound is deeper than I thought or if the swelling doesn’t go down over the next few days it probably will be a vet job to get some antibiotics and bute in him.

Fingers crossed he recovers enough for us to have at least 1 ride before my weekend away! As once I’m back we are going to be hard pushed for time to get our September E Dressage test filmed! I think he’s also feeling a bit sorry for himself as he keeps standing by the gate after I’ve done him! He normally runs off!

wp-1472553487539.jpgWatching me drive away!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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