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Ex Racehorses at Burghley 2016

jumping big cross country fence

The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials was very challenging this year, especially the cross country with no one managing to get inside the time! Although I think Jonelle Price could have done had she not needed to take one of the fast routes (maybe!)

It was also really hard to find out if there were any ex racehorses there this year! I managed to find 3. Ben Way’s Galley Light who competed at Badminton this year, Libby Head’s Sir Rockstar and Bunnie Sexton’s Rise Against. Please comment if there are any I have missed!

Unfortunately the cross country proved challenging for all our ex racehorses with only Galley Light managing to complete it with 40 jumping penalties and 33.6 time. Ben Way and Galley Light finished the competition with 4 show jumping faults and coming 35th.

Libby Head and Sir Rockstar had an unfortunate fall where Sir Rockstar caught the top of a large spread which meant their elimination. Bunnie Sexton and Rise Against retired part way round the course after a few refusals throughout the course.

Despite it not being a hugely successful weekend for Ex Racehorses, this is still a great achievement for these horses to even start a huge competition such as Burghley and it is fantastic to be able to watch these horses competing at the top of a new discipline!

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