Buying your First Horse

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This is my first, introductory post, in a series of posts aimed at first time horse buyers based on my own personal experience from a few years ago. If you have never owned or bought a horse before, you should keep an eye out for these posts as they will hopefully help you understand what to do and expect when starting the journey to buying your first horse. Below is a rough idea of what each post will cover:

Step 1: Where to start? This post will cover the things you have to think about before you commit yourself to the idea of looking for a horse to buy and tips to help you find the best horse for you.

Step 2: Looking for your first horse. This post will cover where the ‘best’ places to look for a horse are and things to look out for and avoid. This post will hopefully stop you wasting time visiting or buying a horse which isn’t suitable for what you want.

Step 3: Viewing your potential first horse. In this post I will tell you what to expect when you go to view a horse you liked from an advert. It will look at what you should ask, who you should bring with you and what you should do with the horse.

Step 4: Taking the next steps This post will cover what to do next if you think you have found your first horse after viewing them. It will look at pre purchase examinations (vettings) and how to go about buying the horse.

For those of you who know EquiPepper well, you will likely know that Scottie was my first horse. I had ridden lots of thoroughbreds and ex racehorses over the years and when I finally reached the point where I didn’t want to share anymore and believed I was in a position to be able to afford a horse, I went looking for an ex racehorse to do a bit of everything on with the potential end game of eventing and that’s how I got Scottie. Although anyone who has ever bought a horse will know that it is rarely that straightforward and easy!

So look out for the posts to follow for my experiences buying my first horse and my tips to first time buyers. I am aiming to post these posts every Wednesday for the next month. (But I’m not promising this as they are only half written at them moment!)

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