EquiPepper Ex Racehorse Database!

For a little while now I have been toying with the idea of creating a database where owners can share information on their ex racehorses and people who are looking for a racehorse they used to know or followed might be able to find out what they are doing now. After asking in a few ex racehorse groups on Facebook there has been some interest so this is a project I will be going ahead with.

I imagine it is going to take a little while to set up, as realistically I probably want a good number of horses in the database before I make the pages live etc. But I will see how it goes.

If you have an ex racehorse (or know someone who does) and are happy for their basic information to be shared online for others to see, then please fill in the following form.

I plan on including the owners first name in the horses profile. If you are not okay with this please comment in the final box. Your email address will not be given out, it is purely for me to let you know I have received your horses details.



What do you think?

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