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Successful September E-Dressage

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I’m sure many of you will know (because I really haven’t been quiet about it on social media) that this months E-Dressage went very well! When I filmed our tests, I thought they were nice, but nothing special. So I was shocked when they turned out to be our most successful tests to date, especially after all the time off due to injury!

This month we did Intro B, which not only was our first ever dressage test, but is now our first ever winning test! We scored mostly 7s throughout with a 6.5, 6, 8 and a few 7.5s, which scored us 69.78%, only 0.5 a mark off my aim of 70%! We had very few comments throughout the test but the end feedback from the judge was fantastic. Some of the best bits were “lots to like with partnership”, “Super horse with rhythmic paces” and “a pleasure to see!” The only comment the judge had was that Scottie could stretch a bit more over his back, with our free walk and stretch on circle being our lowest scoring movements.

Our collectives were:

Rhythm: 7.5 (15)
Suppleness: 6 (12)
Contact: 7 (14)
Rider’s Position: 7 (14)
Rider’s Results: 7 (14)

Our prelim was also one of our most relaxed and definitely most successful. It wasn’t the most comfortable of tests we have ever ridden. Scottie was a bit opinionated and felt like he was fighting me a lot throughout the test, so the results are fantastic. Despite how the test felt and my dads filming making the judge a little seasick, we scored an impressive (for us) 62.5% and came 2nd! Which is amazing for us!

We scored mostly 6s and 6.5s throughout the test with a few higher scores here and there. However, our free walk only scored a 5.5 (11). But due to how much it felt like Scottie was fighting the contact, this low score for the free walk doesn’t surprise me at all. The judges comments were fair and highlighted weakness in our lateral suppleness but also said that with improvement it “will be very nice.” Interestingly, the judge also said “willing horse” so it obviously didn’t look like we were having too much of a disagreement!

Our Collectives were:

Paces: 6 (12)
Impulsion: 5.5 (11)
Submission: 6 (12)
Rider: 6.5 (13)

So over all it was a fantastic month for us and our rosettes are gorgeous! I have also entered us in some fun showing classes, which I will hopefully get the results for soon which I will share with you.


Watch our tests below:



Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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