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A very uninspired post.

gorgeous scottie

I have actually had a fairly eventful horsey few days, so actually have lots of little things to tell you. However, I think it’s due to tiredness and being in desperate need of a holiday that I am lacking the mental capacity to create an interesting post to tell you these things. So to make sure I actually tell them to you, and don’t completely forget. I thought I better throw this post together in the hope that it makes sense and catch you all up as to how things are right now. (Please bare with me!)

First on the list is my spontaneous lesson on Saturday. This weekend I actually had a free weekend for a change with absolutely no plans! So I asked my yard owner for a lesson. She is a registered show judge and competes her natives in working hunter classes. The lesson was fantastic. She got me and Scottie working really well and really focused on our lateral work, which was highlighted as our main weakness in this month’s E-Dressage. Scottie really seemed to enjoy doing something different too! She seemed pleasantly surprised at how well Scottie can actually move and thinks he would make a nice large riding horse for showing classes. Which is nice to hear from a judge! Although she also said that he is 8 and should already be looking to competing at novice dressage… so we best get a wriggle on!

On Sunday we had a rather eventful morning hack full of drama. But I think that story might be best told by Scottie… so keep an eye out for his next diary! I have a feeling it will be very amusing.

Yesterday Scottie finally had his back done (it’s been a long time coming!) But actually it was better than usual. His shoulders seem to be fine now. His pelvis was hardly rotated and it didn’t seem like he was holding as much tension as he usually does. All good things. However, she also had a look at my saddle and said it needs something doing to it as it is probably responsible for a few of the problems Scottie has developed. However, she said that it can be solved temporarily by padding in certain places until the saddler can get out. So it sounds like a case of reflocking and possibly remoulding of the tree. So I am once again on the hunt for a saddler who will be able to alter the plastic tree if it needs it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it just needs the flocking, as I don’t think he’s changed much (if at all) around his withers.

We are now at that time of year where I need to think about clipping. Scottie is already starting to get fluffy and could probably do with clipping in November some point (hopefully around the time my rugs get back from the cleaners!) But I’m facing the big dilemma of who is going to clip him. Even if I had clippers, I am terrible at clipping and think I would just have to take everything off so that he didn’t look awful! So I am probably looking at being very nice to a friend or paying someone to come out and do it. I think I want a blanket clip for him again as it worked so well last year, and even if it’s a bit colder this year, he didn’t wear half his rugs last year, so I’m sure he will be fine! I also need to explore my yard to see where (if there are any) some plug sockets are. Since so many people have plug in clippers!

I entered some fun showing classes with E-Dressage this month and Scottie came 3rd in imag0592_1.jpgmost handsome gelding! So we have another gorgeous rosette on our way! I have had to have a bit of a reorganise of Scottie’s rosettes recently as he has suddenly started bringing home a fair few! I’m going to need a new system! But here is the photo we entered for most handsome… isn’t he pretty?

Quick post update. The Buying your first horse series is going ok. The second step in the series will be published tomorrow. I haven’t written the rest of the series yet, but hoping to still have them posted weekly, but I’m struggling to string sentences together this week… so it might be a bit late!

The ex racehorse database has had a lot of people adding their information this weekend. Hopefully it will be live by the end of the month, but it really depends on how many horses I get entered and how any people continue to send in each day. I will try and keep you up to date with its progress!

That’s all from me right now. I hope my inspiration reappears soon so that I can do something a bit more interesting for you! What have all of you been up to?


Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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