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Shires Tempest Original Lite Turnout Rug

Shires shopping turn out rug

Those of you who follow me on social media, will know that I recently purchased this rug and I think it is definitely worth a review.



I wasn’t really looking for a rug when I found this rug, but I didn’t have a spare 0g turnout rug… and it was a really good price… but let’s be honest, it was the pattern what sold it for me! I love this dog print! It’s eye catching and what with Scottie being out in the field with 2 other chestnut thoroughbreds, when they are all at different ends of the field with their backs to me, I can’t tell who is who. So this rug has definitely helped with that! For those of you who aren’t into bright patterned rug, it does come in a plain option too.

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I am yet to find a rug which fits Scottie perfectly, but this rug does quite well. It is nice and deep and just about the right length (Could maybe do with an extra inch, but it’s a nice fit!) The neck appears small at first, but actually it makes the rug sit further forward, creating more room for the chest and shoulders and I think if the neck was bigger you would be at risk of it slipping back and cutting into the withers. Despite there being no shoulder gusset, there is plenty of space for Scottie’s big shoulders.

I am not a fan of the attachment at the front. I prefer buckles what are adjustable, rather than fixed fastenings. But since there is so much space in the front of the rug this isn’t really an issue. Personally I would also like rings so that you could attach a hood… which again this does not have. However, I would probably rarely use a hood with this rug anyway unless to keep him clean before a show. So that isn’t really an issue for me.

Luckily Scottie isn’t a rug wrecker and we have had fairly nice weather so far. So I don’t have anything to say about its durability or how waterproof it is. This rug comes in sizes 48-87inches, which I think is roughly 4ft to 7.3ft. It also comes in a heavier weight (200g) combo.

Now for price. I got this rug for a bargain price of £40 at one of my local tack shops. Looking at the shires website, they charge £43 for the plain pattern and £45 for the dog print. Which is still a great price, even if you do pay a bit extra for the funky pattern!

I do really like this rug and even though it was meant to be a spare for our other 0g, it is now our standard no fill turnout rug! I love it.

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Last Updated on 10/01/2022

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