We’re Clipped!

This is possibly (probably) the earliest Scottie has been clipped since I have had him! Although he wasn’t as fluffy as he was last winter when we clipped, thanks to the lovely warm weather we have been having recently, even the lightest schooling was causing us to leave the arena dripping in sweat. So despite my initial plans to not to clip until the middle of November (roughly) we clipped yesterday.


As I mentioned in a previous clipping post recently, Scottie has got a nice blanket clip again. This is perfect for him because it removes all the hair in areas we get sweaty and/or muddy, which makes life much easier and nicer for us both. And now he looks really smart and like a ‘proper’ horse!

I know Scottie is okay to clip, but because he didn’t really know the girl who clipped him yesterday I expected him to be a little bit worried. But I was wrong. He was good as gold, even to have his face done! So I was very pleased with him and he got plenty of carrots before getting to go out in the field, which he celebrated with a good roll and buck!

And now with the cold weather just around the corner, we get the best parts of being clipped… getting to use all my winter rugs!

When are you clipping? Have you clipped already? What clip does/will your horse have?


What do you think?

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