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Scottie’s Diary ~ In the Dog House

mucky scottie

I can just tell that Mum really isn’t very impressed with me today and it isn’t exactly my fault… But it has resulted in me getting less carrots in my dinner and breakfast (don’t think I wouldn’t notice!) She also turned me out in the rain (well it was spitting) with a bare neck this morning!

I can see why she is annoyed, even if she shouldn’t be grumpy with me. I’ve just got all my rugs back from the cleaners and out in the field yesterday there was a bit of an incident… I’m not going to point fingers or name names, but we were having a great time in the field but then someone took it too far. Said someone pulled on my hood so hard that not only did the Velcro around my neck rip off, but the attachments to the rug also came flying off… We all knew we were in trouble then!imag0403.jpg

I was really good when Mum came up to see me and hoped she would have forgotten that she had put my hood on that morning. No such luck. The first thing she said when I greeted her over the stable door was “where is your hood?” Damn it. The yard owner had kindly left it on top of her boxes in the feed room after bringing me in and I could hear Mum talking to Solomon’s Mum after finding it about how it was completely ruined- oops!

She took me into the school to do some lunging and I did feel a bit guilty so I was a very good boy. I even behaved when the fireworks went off when really I wanted to stop and watch them. But I didn’t. I carried on going round in those pointless circles and over the poles she had put out. That seemed to cheer her up a bit.

13442224_10206825916708604_329049308808672311_nThis morning all the liveries went out earlier than usual. But I was good and didn’t shout at Mum too much when she eventually turned up, just a quiet ‘Hello’. I had already had my breakfast and even left her a few mouthfuls of hay, which always seems to make her happy. She swapped my rugs over to the same one as yesterday (although minus the hood of course) and took me out to the field.

As she left me in the field, it started to rain lightly. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a bit of rain and it’s still not exactly cold. But I do hope I get my hood back on at some point… I do have a bald neck after all! I think I need to just look after my rugs for a little while… and maybe not let her see me playing too much in the field!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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