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Planning my day at Your Horse Live!

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I am very pleased to say that I will be going to Your Horse Live on Saturday after winning a pair of Tickets thanks to #EquineHour on Twitter. The tickets were given away by Safe-Care Equine and this has made my birthday weekend even more exciting!

I have never been to your Horse Live but I have heard so many fantastic things and can’t wait to finally be able to go. Unfortunately, I have already agreed to drive my brother to work in the evening, so I will probably need to leave the event by 4pm to get back in time… which means planning my day has become even more important!

The Demos

There are plenty of fantastic demos throughout the day but I have had to narrow it down to the ones I really want to see and plan my day accordingly. My first stop will be a demo from Karen Dixon in the Country and Stable arena at 10am. This demo will be all about training ex racehorses, so right up my street and should make a great blog post for you guys! I will make sure to take good notes!

Ideally, next on my list will be Charlotte Dujardin in the BETA arena at 11am. However, I might be cutting it a bit fine so might have to wait until the afternoon performance at 3pm. I would also love to see Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman at 12.15, really his second performance will be a bit too late for me, so I will really need to try and get in for his earlier performance!

The final choice on my Must Have list of demos is another Ex Racer related demo at the Baileys Equine Learning Arena. This demo is given by Grace Muir from Heros, a charity which retrains racehorses. So again, another great demo for EquiPepper!

Of course all the demos there are going to be fantastic. But I understand that I really need to prioritise the ones I really want to see as realistically I can’t see them all!

The Shopping

Your Horse Live is also known for its fantastic shopping! Sadly, I can’t afford to be taking full advantage of this, but I will be visiting as many stands as possible to have a look at all the fabulous products on offer! Plus I always love a good chat with people who really know their stuff, especially when it comes to feed!

There are also several stands I will make sure I visit and say Hi to including; E-Dressage (who I regularly compete with and blog about) and Safe-Care Equine (Who kindly donated my tickets.)

I still haven’t found a friend to use my spare ticket, although having only just found out about the tickets myself, I haven’t really asked anyone yet! Hopefully someone is available short notice. But if not I am perfectly happy going on my own. (At least then I can stick to my plan without having to consider what other people want to do!)

I will make sure to keep you updated about my day there via social media, so keep your eye out for it on Saturday! But because of my busy weekend ahead, you will likely have to wait until next week to read about my day out on here!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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