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E-Dressage November Showing

own photo scottie

We had a very good month for E-Dressage’s new(ish) showing classes. Since Scottie’s injuries have healed enough that they are not easy to spot, I planned to enter the ex racehorse ridden class and the in hand, plus a couple of fun classes. Unfortunately, due to the low winter sun, we didn’t manage to get our in hand video filmed as the sun dipped behind the buildings, making it quite dark, despite it only being 3.30ish!

Luckily we had already filmed our ridden test and although a lot of the video was in the dark, enough of all the required movements were in the light. So I decided it would be fine to hand in. I managed to get a nice screenshot of our attempt at an in hand video to enter for the ex racehorse photo class and found a good muddy photo for the muddy monsters fun class and a nice shot for most handsome gelding.

We had a very successful month! We came 1st in the ridden class with the only comments from the judge being about improving our turnout and that Scottie could be more forwards. So very positive I think!

We also came 2nd in the ex racehorse photo class. The judge said Scottie was a “nice sort” and to try and get him to stand more square in future. So again, positive comments!


Finally we come to our fun classes. Sadly we had no placing this month for most handsome gelding. But we did come 3rd in muddy monsters!


So another good month for us! But I really recommend getting involved in E-Dressage showing. It’s a lot of fun and very cheap! (Especially if you are a member!) All my entries this month came to less than £10. That’s less than 1 class at some of my local shows!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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