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Tina Bettison One Hundred Ways Books

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A few years ago a got the book One Hundred Ways For a Horse to Train its Human. This was a fantastic present and my Sister was obviously paying attention as for my birthday yesterday she got me the other 2 books by Tina Bettison; One Hundred Ways to Live with a Horse Addict and One Hundred ways a Horse is Better than a Man.

“For the men who are, and will be, in the lives of women with horses. You are all adorable but the horses will always come first. Just accept it.”

I love all these books and with Christmas coming up they are perfect stocking fillers for any horsey person, or perhaps your non-horsey partner!

“Anyone who has ever had a horse, or knows anyone with a horse, will also know that horses are more addictive than alcohol and narcotics.”

They are very well written and really hit home with the truth of being a horsey person! Although they probably aren’t the sort of book for you to sit down and read for a couple of hours. They are the perfect book to have on your desk to read for a few minutes to give you a break and put a smile on your face. Highly recommend!


Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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