Winter Warmers ~ Future Product Reviews

As the past few days have showed us, winter is now well and truly here, and for once, I am actually ready for it! I don’t know about you, but what I suffer with throughout the winter is ice cold thighs. My feet and calves are virtually always covered my warm socks and boots and my top half has layers of coats to keep me snug. But these extra layers also mean I struggle to pull Hi Vis on over the top!

Well this year, after some recommendations, I have been proactive and got some new clothing to hopefully keep me warm and safe this winter which I will be reviewing for you over the next few weeks. The products are:

  • Equetech Arctic Thermal Underbreeches
  • HKM Karthingo Winter Breeches
  • Equisafety Aspey Lightweight Jacket

I also have a few non clothing products to review soon. The first is a ride on/wrap around Hi Vis rug for Scottie while we are hacking which will be perfect for hacking on chilly mornings.

The second product to keep your eye out for are my new pair of Aero Chill cooling boots! I won these a few weeks ago and I am really excited about them. They are a very new product and won an award at BETA 2016 for their new technology. However, I am unsure as to how useful they will be to us at the moment as Scottie isn’t doing particularly hard work at all and its rather cold already! But really looking forward to using and reviewing them when I get the chance to use them properly!

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