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Voting for the UK Blog Awards is open!

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The voting for the UK Blog Awards opened yesterday (5th December) and this is basically a post to explain a little about the awards, why I entered and asking you to take a moment to vote for us.

Firstly, the UK Blog Awards were created to give recognition to all the companies and individuals who put hours of work into the digital industry by creating fun, interesting content for readers. There are 16 categories for both individual and company blogs plus 2 further awards for Best Storyteller and Most Innovative. The voting process determines the finalists in each award with a judging panel then making the final decisions on the winners of each category.

These awards are full of hugely popular blogs with a big following. Most of the blogs are on very large topics and industries such as food and fashion. Niche areas like the equine blog have very little representation, in fact I think I know of only 1 other equine blog entering this year…

This under representation of equine blogs is a big reason why I decided to enter EquiPepper in the awards. However, after this year’s success in being finalists for other awards and the networking and marketing help given to finalists and winners was enough to persuade me to jump in at the deep end and have a go!

Each blog can be entered into 2 categories, which I struggled with a little with EquiPepper not ticking a lot of the boxes. So we are entered in the Lifestyle category and the Sports and Fitness category, which actually sum us up quite well, well not so much the fitness part!!

When I first registered EquiPepper for these awards, it was very much for the experience of putting us forward for new things, but after our recent successes and how much our following has grown over the past month alone, I don’t see why we couldn’t make it as a finalist.

So I really hope you are able to take a moment of your time to click Here and vote for EquiPepper, as one of the only Equine Blogs in the awards and a blog with an aim to improve the welfare of horses.



Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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